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Message From The Chief Editor

Chief Editor. Dr. D. R. Galfat

In modern era there is a belief to practice evidence based medicine and surgery. Evidence must be based on reality based on factual research work and publication. The fact that research provides the foundation for the evidence –based practice need to be reemphasised .The basic need of today is to improve the research orientation of young medical and dental faculty. A person involved in developing a concept has to be as valued as a surgeon or physician performing a procedure based on that concept. Such recognition shall definitely encourage the young dental and medical trainees to look at research as a viable and valuable career option. Except change nothing is permanent in life. In order to promote research and innovation younger doctors have to change their thinking. Change in thinking changes the belief .Change in belief changes our attitude. Change in attitude changes our behaviour; change in behaviour changes our performance which causes changes in our expectations which ultimately affects the outcome. Thus change in vision and thinking is essential to achieve the goal of scientific research excellence.

One cannot plant a tree without sowing the seed. With reasonable expectation of sowing the seed of “excellence research publications” is to see the “National Journal of Medical and Dental Research” flowering and such efforts bearing fruit, to place the journal in the front line of the eminent national and international Journals.

Our own innovations and own experience will guide us along the right path in our quest to improve the quality and popularity of research work .There is no upper limit for improvement.

I implore the dignified office bearers of the editorial board, faculty, authors and readers to join me in this passionate journey of research and knowledge because I believe that only together efforts and contribution from all will help to achieve the ultimate destination of success.