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  1. A new method to stabilize iris button during the fabrication of custom made ocular prosthesis – case report
  2. Gingival fibrous hyperplasia- a case report
  3. Mandibulofacial Dysostosis (Treacher Collins syndrome) - A rare case report
  4. Finger prostheses for multiple finger amputations: Two case reports
  5. Commonly used plants in india to maintain oral hygiene- A review
  6. Primary immunization status of children in 12-23 months age group - A cross sectional study in urban slums of Guntur town, Andhra Pradesh, India
  7. Management of infected non union with antibiotic impregnated cement nail
  8. Barriers in utilization of oral health care services among patients attending primary and community health centres in Virajpet, South Karnataka
  9. HELLP Syndrome - A therapeutic challenge – Case report with review of literature
  10. Sexual dimorphism in morphometry of cervical part of spinal cord in human fetuses
  11. A study of correlation between emotional stress status and semen profile of male of infertile couples in population of U.P. & Uttarakhand
  12. Infection control in dental office: A review
  13. Comparative assessment of low dose midazolam sedation for surgical removal of lower third molars using lignocaine and bupivacaine
  14. A custom made occlusal plane analyzer for determining the occlusal plane - A clinical report
  15. Prevalence of Ponticulus Posticus of Atlas: A radiological and adaveric study in hilly regions of Uttarakhand
  16. Determination of smile norms in different facial shapes in young adults among Indian population
  17. Effects on pH value of saliva following intake of three beverages containing apple juice – A double blind cross-over study