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About Us

About the journal

National Journal of Medical and Dental Research is a quarterly publication dedicated to cutting edge research works in medical and dental research, case reports and any advances in research areas concerning the clinical procedures, manipulation techniques or any advanced procedures as a whole in relation to medicine and dentistry. National Journal of Medical and Dental Research publish scientific papers on well designed and controlled original research involving medical/dental/informatics sciences.

National Journal of Medical and Dental Research expect to narrow down the gap between general practitioners in medicine and dentistry and their specialists where a unified multidisciplinary approach can be taken to formulate a much needed consensus in diagnosis and therapeutic management. The articles would range from interesting case reports, technical notes about new and innovative systems used in general and specialist procedures, decision making pathways for unusual and complicated problems and technical articles detailing devices and their usage.

Aim of the journal

National Journal of Medical and Dental Research, is published 4 times per year to promote practice, education, and research specifically related to the specialty of dental and medical research. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration if neither the article, nor any part of its essential substance, tables, or figures has been or will be published in another journal or is simultaneously submitted to another journal. Published papers do not necessarily represent the views of the editor.

Scope of the Journal

The journal will be high quality, comprehensive, exceptionally fast and consistently peer reviewed. It will be a multi-disciplinary publication for rapid communication in medical and dental research, for the promotion of the international scientific collaboration, for presenting the achievements that emphasize clinical aspects of medical and dental studies in the all of world.

Fast publication will be achieved by the use of modern communication techniques. The journal features original article, research, clinical studies, case reports, review papers and technical notes on selected areas.

Peer Review Process

The manuscripts submitted to 'National Journal of Medical and Dental Research' will be reviewed for possible publication on the understanding that they have been submitted only to 'National Journal of Medical and Dental Research' and have not been published, simultaneously submitted, or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Once a manuscript is submitted to 'National Journal of Medical and Dental Research', it is sent to an external reviewer who will give the necessary recommendations according to which the article is published unaltered or is sent back to the author for corrections as advised by the reviewer, or rejected. The author is informed regarding the same. Once the article is fit for publication it appears in the online journal first and then is published in the print version as well.

The peer-review process is double blinded, i.e., the reviewers do not know who the authors of the manuscript are and the authors do not have access to the information of who the peer-reviewers are.