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Message From The Director

Director. Dr. Amit Agnihotri

It is a moment of pride, privilege and honour for me to incept the National Journal of Medical and Dental Research for resurgence of innovative interest of medical and dental training and faculty. The goal of inception of this journal is to furnish opportunity to young medical and dental surgeons and physicians to publish their innovative work in order to express their immense capability of research work. A revolution has to work its way steadily but definitely into the field of scientific research. It may not happen overnight but forces at work are persistent and adequate to work under assistance. This revolution in the field of research shall be the harbinger of new hope and a better result to improve the patient care in our country.

I believe that when we have capacity to soar we should not insist on crawling. The woods are lonely, dark and deep- but I have promises to keep in mile to go before I sleep.

Editor, reviewers authors and readers are the strength of this journal and I shall feel personally obliged if all of them contribute together to take national journal of medical and dental research to bigger heights.